Hey--I'm Still Here! (and I have some news)

I don't want you all to think I've forgotten about you. I haven't. I've been away, enjoying a family vacation. I don't like to post that I'm going away, so I just sometimes go AWOL for a while.

Things have been crazy hectic here all week. My uncle passed away last week, and I had the services this past weekend. It has been heartbreaking and devastating. The family has suffered a profound loss.

Trying to keep moving forward, I am busy at work, as it is annual review time. Which, for those of you lucky enough not to be in the school special education world, it means twice the meetings and four times the paperwork in the same amount of time. I am also receiving PT myself currently (about which I hope to blog soon).

I'm trying to beta read for a fellow author. Heather, I'm almost done. I promise.

Oh, and I'm working on a small little side project ... publishing my second novel.

The digital versions will be available on 3/1/2014. It is currently available for pre-order on Kobo. The print version will be about another week, as the paperback requires more editing. As my brother likes to tell me, I make a lot of typos, so I really need to comb through the paperback proof.

Now that I (kind of) know what I'm doing (ok, I know slightly more than 9 months ago when I published Good Intentions), I hope my finished product this time is more polished. I had a local photographer shoot my cover image. He took this fantastic picture of my dance girls and me last year:

 If you are half in love with his work as I am, go check out his website.

The lovely and talented author/photographer/woman-extraordinaire Becky Monson designed my cover. She is also responsible for the make-over that  Good Intentions received just before the new year. Becky has helped me out tremendously, including working on marketing ideas and strategies. Plus, she totally makes me laugh and even laughs at my sophomoric humor.

So, to re-cap, I've been busy, cried a lot, work sucks, new book, great people make it look good.

Stay tuned!


  1. Awww, thanks for the shout-out! And I laugh at your sophomoric humor... because that's my type of humor. :) xoxo


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