Monday, June 23, 2014

I Should Be...

I know, I know. I've been terribly remiss with my blogging lately. It is just another thing to add to my list of things I should be doing. Here's what's on the list so far:

  1. Cleaning my house for company that is coming in a few days
  2. Finalize summer camp plans for the kids
  3. Plan a summer vacation
  4. Fold and put away laundry
  5. Editing novel #3
  6. Reading a book for review
  7. Writing novel #4
  8. Wrapping teacher presents
  9. Sleeping (because that has not been going so well lately)
  10. Writing bloggers asking them to review my books
  11. Marketing, marketing, marketing

What I have been doing:
  1. Wrapping up the school year
  2. Dance recitals
  3. Playing Candy Crush
  4. Watching World Cup Soccer
  5. School carnival
  6. Cleaning out rooms of the house
  7. Book signing at the library
  8. Watching True Blood (I was a season behind and may have binge-watching)
  9. Swinging in the hammock
  10. Playing Bubble Witch Saga and other assorted time suck games
  11. PTA stuff (I'm winding down my 2 year term as treasurer)
  12. Marketing, marketing, marketing
School is finally done this week. It has been a hectic few months and I hope to get some rest over the summer (famous last words). I am hoping to put the final touches on my third novel by the beginning of August so that I can get it out to reviewers. I'm also planning on re-doing the cover of Good Intentions because my current cover is just not working. I've been doing a lot of promotional stuff for Hold Her Down, including a $0.99 sale (still available at that price on Kindle, Nook, iTunes and Kobo). I plan on doing a considerable amount of writing in July, so I'm giving myself the next week or so to mentally prepare for that.

Ok, so tonight before bed, I WILL get my dedication and acknowledgments written. I will get to bed at a decent hour. Well, at least I should...

Friday, June 20, 2014


I'm sorry for being AWOL lately. Things have just been busy here. Nothing exciting, just busy. I'll try and catch up this weekend. Bear with me.

And speaking of bare, I'll just leave you with this...

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

It's an Honor Just Being Nominated

Color me shocked today when I found out that Kindle Ninja had nominated me for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award. It sounds totally cool and prestigious right? Right. This was how I felt...

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award is given by bloggers to bloggers.  Here are the rules:   

1. Link back to the person nominating you for the award
2. Display the Very Inspiring Blogger logo
3. Reveal seven things about yourself
4. Nominate seven others to receive the award 

So, again, a shout out to Kindle Ninja for thinking that I am even remotely inspiring. Here are my seven things:

1.  I like nothing orange. I can tolerate the occasional shredded carrot, but I find any orange food (or drink) pretty much repulsive. Even the smell of oranges makes me want to wretch.

2.  If I had a better singing voice, my career aspirations would have been to be on Broadway. I originally wanted to be a Rockette, but it was pretty apparent by the age of 13 that I would never make the height requirement.

3.  I never let my kids have Play-Doh at home because I'm too anal and don't want to have to clean up the mess. I make my parents keep the Play-Doh at their house.

4.  I could visit a zoo or aquarium every day. If I had my wedding to plan again, I would get married at the zoo. In front of the penguins. Or tigers.

5. I may have a touch of OCD, especially about the way my bed is made. I have been known to get up in the middle of the night, straighten the blankets and tuck them in again.

6.  I eat chocolate every single day, with the exception of the 40 days of Lent. I need at least just a bit each day.

7. I honestly think that I was meant to have curly red hair and that there has been some great cosmic mistake that left me with wavy (not straight, but not curly) brown hair that may have more silver than I'd care to admit.

So, here are 7 bloggers/authors who inspire me:

1. Jessica Miller at Life and Motherhood. College roomie, mom to 5, 5 and under, OT. 'Nuff said.
2. Anne McDonald at Our Little Nuthouse. Uber-mom of 6 1/2 kids. Plus, wicked funny.
3. Becky Monson. Author, photographer, (my) cover designer extraordinaire. Best cheering section.
4. Kate Leong at Chasing Rainbows. If she doesn't get to you, then nothing will because your heart is made of stone.
5.  Rants from Mommyland. If they don't make you laugh, then nothing will because your heart is made of stone.
6.  Tracie Banister at Books By Banister. Another author I aspire to be like when I grow up.
7. Stacy Menz at Starfish Therapies. Great PT, OT and Speech ideas for kids. Keeps me grounded in my actual profession.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Staying Positive

My day today is about balancing out the positives and negatives.

(-) Raced like a mad woman attempting to break the sound barrier to get from one place to another for a meeting. When I got there, I found the meeting had been rescheduled. For the second time.
(+) During my drive, I got to belt out Meatloaf's "2 Outta 3 Ain't Bad" AND "Paradise by the Dashboard Lights." "Paradise" plays a roll in my upcoming book which I am currently editing, so hearing that on the radio made me happy.
Winner: (+) Meatloaf (the artist, not the meal) makes everything ok.

(-) I didn't get to the market yesterday, which meant I would have to race through after work today, which just makes the day long.
(+) Above cancelled meeting meant more time for marketing, plus I picked up a rotisserie chicken for dinner so I don't have to cook.
Winner: (+) See above: I don't have to cook.

(-) I got a negative review for Hold Her Down.
(+) I got a positive review for Hold Her Down.
While I'd like to say they cancel each other out, the negative review hurts more. Winner: (-)

(+)My daughter's field trip, scheduled for tomorrow, has been rescheduled. This means I don't have to take two days in a row off.
(-) It was rescheduled for Wednesday, the same day as my son's field trip. I signed up to chaperone both. Time to call in reinforcements.
Winner: (+) I only have to take one day off of work.

(+) I think I finally found a cover for my new book that not only conveys the story of my book, but will also draw readers in.
(-) I accidentally went back to iStock and found more pictures and now I'm even more confused.
Winner: Me. I'm gonna have a kick ass cover either way.

(+) Committed to doing 30-day ab challenge. I'm on day 2.
(-) I hate ab work. I mean really, really, really. Do the sit-ups I had to do at work today count? They should.
Winner: In theory the (+), but it doesn't feel that way when I'm doing it.

All in all, the tally for the day is more positive than negative. I guess I can live with that.