'Twas the Night Before Pub ...

'Twas the night before pub and all through the place, I know I should be writing instead of staring into space.
There's reviews to seek and ads to make, Yet all I can do is eat another piece of cake.

It's true--I want all the cake. Oh, and it is indeed the night before release for my thirteenth book, Ready for Whatever (The UnBRCAble Women Series, #1). I'm in love with this book on so many levels, but let's start with the most basic. Would you look at this incredible cover?

But more important is the story behind the conception of this book. Rewind to last July. On Sunday, I finished going over the first draft of Paradise by the Dashboard Light and submitted it to my editor. Monday, July 8, left me without a current work in progress (WIP). In my head, I was going to write the women's fiction/family drama that I'd been taking notes for. However, my title for that book began with S. I needed an R title.

(Yes, I title my books in alphabetical order. It's a long…

Still a Winner After All These Years

The year was 1989. I was a mere 13 years old, babysitting for the next door neighbors while they had a night out on the town. The kids were safely tucked in their beds, and I put on the TV. Just in time to catch the beginning of the second half of Gone with the Wind.

I'd never seen this movie, but I'd been aware of the book for years, as a battered copy sat on my mother's bookshelf.

Ok, so it's a bit more battered, but yes, this is it.

When I got home, I told my mother and had all sorts of questions. What happened with Ashley? Did he tell Scarlett he would marry her?

My mom, ever the dedicated reader, was disappointed that I saw the movie first. It was then that this battered, 862-page classic became mine. So I read it. Twice. And then I saw the movie. And then I bought a copy of the screenplay while on vacation.
Luckily, it was the 50th anniversary of the movie, so there was lots of memorabilia available. And then my mom began getting me the plates from the Bradford E…

About That Time I Accidentally Started a Twitter Feud ...

To anyone who's been around romancelandia this year, or to anyone who scrolls through Twitter with a bowl of popcorn, it should come as no surprise that sometimes people get into it on Twitter. A lot of times, it's a case of people behaving badly.

This one's on me.

No one behaved badly, but feelings were hurt. And for that, I am deeply sorry and greatly apologize.

You see, I was (and still am) coming from a good place. I'm still okay with my original post, which was, to me, a very funny graphic about rom-com books. It was designed by my friend and fellow author, Whitney Dineen. She, like many rom-com authors, got fed up with defending her preferred genre from yet another person who dismissed her accomplishments because she only writes romance and romantic comedies (as opposed to literary fiction or something that is apparently better-- you know, real books). I'd like to say that Whitney's experience was unusual and someone was having a bad day, but it's not…

Laugh It Off

One of the fabulous authors I've come to know and love along my journey is Erin Huss. We met and became fast friends, instantly bonded with a sense of humor and shared parenting experiences with children who are not neuro-typical.

To put it mildly, 2018 has not been Erin's year. She's having some medical issues, and yesterday she wrote a blog post about finding The Silver Lining in it all. I'll wait for you to go read her blog post and then come back.

No, seriously. Go read her post. The rest of this post won't make sense unless you do.

So like the friend I am, I wrote her some nice words of encouragement. Despite the fact that people pay money to read my books, sometimes I'm not the most eloquent. I also use inappropriate humor as a defense mechanism. So I sent Erin a message that said this,
"Hang in there. Eventually shit will go right. You can meme that."
The following pictures are what happened next.

So let's take a minute to reflect on this pr…

How Rude!

This was my feeling after the weekend dance recital. Let me clarify--my dance recital. It was also my daughter's recital. I guess we should call it our dance recital. But still, I want to go all Stephanie Tanner on the audience.
Let me set the stage (see what I did there?):
We dance at a decent-sized family run studio. I've been with this studio since I was 5. The people there are like my family, and my dance girls are my crew. Many of us have children now dancing as well, and it's fantastic to see the next generation rising up. The studio is non-competitive. We don't have teams and there's a welcoming atmosphere. The studio is inclusive, including all shapes, sizes, and abilities. While we strive to do our best, it's certainly not a Dance Moms atmosphere, and I don't think any of us are auditioning for So You Think You Can Dance? That's not why we're there. We're there because we love to dance.
Week after week, parents schlep their kids in and…

Sacred Things

Some things you need to know about me.

I like pretty dresses, especially gowns. If I could wear a gown every day, I'd be happy.I don't get abstract art, including haute couture fashion.I am Roman Catholic. This morning, I went to mass. I don't often go during the week, but this was a funeral for a family member. Even though I'd never set foot in that church before today, I knew what to expect, what do do, how to show reverence, and how to go about giving a reading. After 12 years of Catholic school, I've been to a lot of church. That being said, I don't go as much as I should, and I don't live as well as a Catholic should. I may not be the best, most pious Catholic, but my faith and my church is very important to me. I've made the sacraments of baptism, reconciliation, eucharist, confirmation, and marriage within the church. I will have a Catholic funeral someday as well. Like I said, not the best Catholic in the world, but definitely Catholic.
And I am …

Branding and Bullying

No, I'm not talking about what they do to cattle, although I sort of am.

When you own a business, branding is very important. You want to create a look/icon/symbol that instantly make the consumer think of your business. Everyone knows what brand the swoosh represents. I don't even have to put a picture of it up. You know who and what I'm talking about from a simple word.

Over the past few months, I've been working on my own brand. You might have noticed that blogspot is no longer my primary website. I've got a beautiful new page at I've been working on my graphics as well (mostly because I needed new business cards and signs for upcoming book signings). I had a tagline ("Telling stories of resilient women") that I've been using, but it's slowly evolved into: Telling Stories of Resilient Women with Humor, Heart, and a Happy Ending. My husband thinks I'm giving away the ending to all my books. I want the reader to know…