Thursday, February 13, 2014

#ChickLitLove: Galentine's Day

Ok, I had no idea what Galentine's Day was, until I was given this assignment. Here is a good explanation:

To sum up, "It's like Lilith Fair, but without the angst. Plus frittatas."

So, for this Galentine's Day post, I'm supposed to describe how Maggie and her best friend, Michele, would celebrate Galentine's Day.

[But before I go into that, you all need to know a secret about Michele. Michele, you see, is real. Sure, she's in the book and her name is Michele Suarez, but there is really a real Michele. When I originally wrote GOOD INTENTIONS, the best friend character's name was Lucy Suarez. Then, my best friend Michele, convinced me I needed to change it to Michele. So I did. So the Maggie-Michele relationship is pretty much like the Kate-Michele relationship. So while I'm writing about fictional Maggie and Michele, it is pretty much what Michele and I would really do, if we were not running a thousand places with the kids and trying to help the husbands battle man-colds and fill out 800 Valentines for school while cooking dinner and packing for vacation.]

Ok, Maggie here. I got nothing. While Galentine's day is a great idea, and I love that we should be out celebrating our friendship, the kids are still crafting their Valentine's boxes. We're still writing out the stupid things. Of course, I had to try and make these cutesy ones I saw on Pinterest and they are taking about six times longer than the cheap store ones would have. Michele is sitting here, drinking wine, and laughing at me trying to do it all. Again. Since her kids are older, she only has one set to do, and she got them done earlier in the week. Bitch. Of course, maybe I would be more productive if I wasn't drinking so much wine. And we ordered pizza so no one had to cook, and are eating off paper plates so there are no dishes. All in all, a good time.

Oh, and she's pulling up pictures of hot guys on her iPhone so we can drool over them. I hope none of them get accidentally texted anywhere...

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