Thursday, February 26, 2015

Just tired

I'm just tired.

Last week was February break, which was great. Got a whole lot of nothing done. Well, that's not true, but I wasn't super active. With temperatures below 0 and windchills even lower, I wasn't motivated to leave the house much. My kids were happy for the down time as well, getting to play with toys that they don't have time for, binge watching HGTV, and enjoying the ever-elusive pajama day.

And now, it's caught up with me. Working full time (for the first time since my son--who's now 11--was born) is taking it's toll. Of course, it's annual review season, which means there simply aren't enough hours in the day. This week, was just one of those weeks. Late after-school meetings, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, Learning Fair, dance, doctor's appointment. The hubs and I have been playing tag team running here and there and we're now thinking that we're not allowed to spend more than 5 minutes in the same room before one of us has to rush off.

So, I'm tired. I tend not to sleep well. There's the 2 am pee. There's the stupid cats who like to torment me by chewing on electrical cords or systematically knocking items off my dresser until I get up. There's the night sweats (and no, I'm not making the change, I've had them for 8 years now). There's never enough sleep. And the bags under my eyes are showing it. They're so big, they're practically steamer trunks. I even edited them out of one of the picture's from my son's birthday party.

Today, a concerned co-worker said, "You look like you don't feel well. Are you sick?"

Yeah no, that's just my face.

So tonight, I'm already in my jammies (God bless the hubs for doing the Scouts run tonight). I did a "rejuvenating" cucumber peel-off face mask to help my apparently terrible looking face. We're just going to gloss over how I may have gotten the goop a little close on the under eyes and how I may have had a moment of panic that mask removal may result in the loss of my lower eye lashes.

I don't know if it helped. I think I'm gonna quit while I'm ahead and call it a night. Maybe I won't look so bad in the morning.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Fairy Tale Fun Blog Hop (and a CHOCOLATE BROWNIE GIVEAWAY)

Your mission: read this blog post, comment on the question posed, and check out the other blogs that are part of this blog hop. Every blog post comment enters you to win a Sprites Gourmet Brownie Gift Box from Fairytale Brownies.

My mission, should I choose to accept it ... compare my heroine(s) to a fairy tale or real life princess. Uuuuhhh, no way can I do that. Or can I? You see, I'm sort of anti-fairy tale. Especially as being the mom to a young girl. I don't want her thinking that she can live her life as a damsel in distress and expect some man to come riding in on a white horse and save her. Or, that "and they all lived happily ever after" is how marriage goes (sometimes it does, but it comes with lots of hard work).

I pride myself on writing women who don't necessarily start out strong but end up that way. Sometimes, there is a man (handsome and dashing, of course) to help boost her up, but I want my characters to find their hero in themselves.

How, how, how am I going to write this blog post? I can compare Esther in I'm Still Here to Merida in Brave, solely based on their hair.


Actually, now that you mention it, the physical resemblance is sort of uncanny. But I'm still not sold on the fact that I can say Esther's journey is a fairy tale. Tragic past, bad family, handsome doctor (well, 2 actually), more tragedy...oh wait, maybe it is.

Not that I'm a supreme feminist or anything, because I love a good love story. I do, I really do. But I also love butt-kicking women as well. Women who don't let evil step-mothers or ignorant townspeople or curses stop them.

And then I realized while watching the movie Elizabeth with Cate Blanchett for the hundredth time--Elizabeth! That's my princess! That's who I want to draw comparison to. This beautiful woman who doesn't let men push her around. Well, maybe she does at first, but then she wisens up. She is "no-man's Elizabeth."

Plus, Joseph Finnes is dream as Lord Robert. That is, until he turns out to be a weak, married turncoat. I prefer to think about him in the beginning of the movie. (sigh)

And I realized that this Elizabeth bears a striking resemblance to Elizabeth Zurlo, my protagonist in Hold Her Down. A family who has overwhelmed her identity, a man who has ulterior motives, being called a heretic (and harlot). The name thing is purely coincidental, but I'm glad to say that Elizabeth Zurlo shares her name with such a strong woman.

I think I've done it! By George, I've compared not one but two of my main characters to princesses! One Disney, and one real (although I do think the movie may technically be considered historical fiction).

And now, what do you need to do? (Sorry, this giveaway is open to US APPLICANTS ONLY)

Answer this question: Disney princess or real princess (flaws and all)? Who and why?

Leave a comment for your chance to win THIS brownie gift box from Fairytale Brownies. You will need to include your email in the comment so we know how to contact you if you win.


Check out these blogs and leave a comment there too. Each comment enters you to win the brownies. That's 18 chances! (BTW, 18 is my lucky number)

Just click on the links below to visit the blogs and read how these lovely ladies size up their characters to fairy tales. Leave a comment (with your email address) and you will be entered to win.

Again, this giveaway is open to US Residents Only (sorry). I hope you chose to accept your mission. This post will self-destruct...oh wait, wrong genre. 

And they all lived happily ever after. Is that better?