Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Cover Reveal!

I know I've woefully abandoned this blog this summer. But listen--I've got good reasons.

First, and least important, I was reading. Reading is important for me because well, I love it. I started reading the Outlander series. I'm two and a half books in. I'm reading the hardcover versions and they do require significant upper body strength. For those of you not familiar, each book is 700-800 pages, so in hardcover, it's quite the heft.

The real reason I ignored blogging--I was writing!

After hemming and hawing and overall procrastinating since February, I finally set a goal and buckled down to finish my seventh full-length novel, Made for Me. This time last year, I was trying to write Live for This when I became distracted with the idea of writing a Christmas novella. I'd had the idea for quite a while, so with the timing being right, I wrote Completions and Connections: A Romantic Holiday Novella. It's a cute little story, and came out exactly how I'd imagined. However, some of the feedback that I received was that people wished there was more--that it was a full novel rather than a novella.

Which got me to thinking. And then, eventually writing. Michele, Christine's best friend seemed like she had a story to tell. Hence, my latest book, Made for Me. This is my first totally chick lit book--a fun, funny read that I can't wait to share with you.

Here's the blurb:

Michele's lack of focus in life hasn't bothered her, until the day she finds herself with mounting credit card debt, unable to afford her rent, and without a job. While her meddling family questions how she can end up in this predicament, at the age of 29, and single to boot, Michele doesn't want to admit the truth. All she wants to do is sew.
Faced with the prospect of moving back into her parents' house, Michele throws a Hail Mary pass and applies for a TV design contest, Made for Me. In order to win the contest, Michele will have to compete with nine other contestants to design the new wardrobe for Duchess Maryn Medrovovich, who's about to marry Prince Stephan of the United Republic of Montabago. 
While in the seclusion of the show, Michele starts to realize where her focus in life should  be, and what's truly important to her. However, a dashing competitor might just cause her to lose her focus once and for all. Can Michele keep her eye on the prize while being true to herself?
Okay, without further ado, here's the cover for Made for Me!

 It releases October 4, 2016, and is available for pre-order now!

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