Now It's Time to Beg...

So, you know that dream you have where you're out in public naked and you're totally embarrassed? I keep having that. Except I'm fully clothed.

My mortification comes from the fact that, in my dream, I'm at my first ever author event and only seven people show up.


Out of all the people I know in this world, only seven are at my book event, and three of them are library staff. Yep, this is my recurring dream right now.

Thank goodness for melatonin, or I would be getting no sleep at all this week.

My first ever author event is tomorrow. As in 26 hours from now. (Eeek, pause for momentary freak out).

I will be doing a reading, discussion and book signing at the Waterford Public Library. Yes, it is a small library. No, it is not Barnes & Noble. I'm totally okay with that. Actually, I'm more than okay. I'm really happy that my first ever author event is in Waterford. I grew up going to the Waterford Public Library on a weekly basis (back when it was in the Town Hall). I can still see it in my head, the marble floors in the foyer. The children's side, the adult side. And the books (not to mention the puppets in the back which my mother never ever let me check out). I read book after book in that library. I did the summer reading programs there. Mrs. Ronissi (sorry if I spelled that wrong) was the librarian my whole childhood. I grew to love reading in that library. It is only fitting that I start my career as a writer there. Never did I even begin to imagine that my books would be on the shelf in that library.

I am IN the library. How cool is that?

So, this is where I get all desperate and beg. Please come out and see me. Listen to me read from my book. Participate in the discussion. If you feel so inclined, purchase one (or both) of my books and let me sign it for you. Be a body in the room so that there are more than seven people there. 

WHEN:  Thursday, April 24, 2014 at 6:30 pm

                117 3rd Street, Waterford, NY


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