Sunday, September 22, 2013

Promotion, Promotion, Promotion

Hey, anyone wanna guess what this blog post is about?

This week, Yvonne at Fiction Books is featuring Good Intentions for Mailbox Monday.  What's pretty exciting about this is Yvonne is in the U.K., so this could be an international break for me.  Bloggers like Yvonne (and Naida at ...the bookworm..., Marlene at Book Mama Blog, Charlotte at A Novel Review and the gals at Chick Lit Central) are such a huge force in the literary world, especially for indie authors like myself.  These ladies have taken the time to read my work or promote it in someway to get the word out to more and more people.  I'm fairly certain that, if (when), I hit it big, it will be because of bloggers like this awesome group.

[That being said, there are a few more bloggers who have Good Intentions in their TBR piles.  Anxiously awaiting those reviews!]

Also, at the suggestion of my PR manager (a.k.a., my BFF who is working for free at this job), I've created a Facebook page.  This is a public page, so please invite everyone you know to check it out.  I've done this in order to separate my personal, private page from the word I'm trying to spread to the public.  Also, this way, I can stop bombarding friends and family who really don't care about my endeavors.  While I may still update occasionally about book stuff on my private FB page, all book related stuff will definitely be shared on the Kathryn R. Biel:  Author page.

Thanks for bearing with me on another shameless plug for Good Intentions.  If you haven't read it yet, please check it out!  If you have read it (and thank you so much!), please write a review for it.  You can write one review and post it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, as well as Goodreads.  The more reviews, the more people will talk and the more likely people will take notice.


  1. Hi Kathryn,

    Thanks for the mention. I am so looking forward to 'Good Intentions' making it to the top of my reading pile, although I fear that may still be some time away. There will however, be plenty of opportunities for me to publish some promotional posts and features meanwhile and I am looking ahead to preparing those.

    I would like to wish you every success with the book on both sides of The Atlantic and beyond and I shall check back often to monitor your progress.

    All the best and have a great week,


    1. Thanks (again) Yvonne! I'm always enjoy reading your blogs. I especially look forwards to your Words on Wednesdays. Now, every time I put an exclamation point, I wonder if I am guilty of bangorrhea. I'm sure that, if I am, a reviewer will be sure to excoriate me. ;-)