Happy National Sibling Day!

I had the idea for this post, and then I found out it was National Sibling Day.  Who knew such a thing existed?

I have two older brothers.  In my perfectly clear recollection of childhood, I was the perfect little sister, and was needlessly and endlessly picked on by my brothers.  I was the innocent victim for years.  Of course, now that I have children, and may have a daughter who may be a little something like me, I may see that perhaps on a few occasions, I may have been the instigator.  But mostly, I was an innocent bystander.

That being said, for all the sibling rivalry and competition, which I'm happy to say we've outgrown (pause for laughter), I have some pretty good memories from childhood that include my brothers.  One such thing is that my brothers were my portal into the world of music.  I have early memories dancing to "Disco, Disco Duck."

We had a whole, totally awesome collection of 45's that we used to listen to in my parents' basement.  I remember listening to Kiss playing on my oldest brother's cassette/alarm clock radio from down the hall as I was trying to fall asleep at night.  Then came the middle brother's obsession with the Boss.  And then I was introduced by my oldest brother to Buffett.  But somewhere in between Rick Dees and Jimmy Buffett, my middle brother and I discovered Weird Al Yankovic.  We loved him.  We had at least two albums (on cassette) of course, and played them to the point where I can still recite most of the words to this day.  One of the songs was "Yoda," which was set to the Kink's "Lola."  Being the Star Wars generation, we thought this was awesome.  And I can still remember the day, while on family vacation in Cooperstown, on a very staticy radio, we heard the original "Lola," and were so shocked that "Yoda" was a parody, not an original toon.

Fast forward three decades (oh God, am I really that old?).  My son is really into Star Wars.  And because of my warped memory, I'm pretty incapable of looking at his Yoda figurine without at least humming, "I met him in a swamp down in Degobah."  I decided that Jake would enjoy the song, so I looked it up on You Tube.  There is not an actual video, but it is the song, set to appropriate movies scenes.

After we watched that video, I saw the link for the Weird Al song, "One More Minute."  That is an original song by Weird Al.  I got all excited and told Jake we had to watch it.  "Uncle Dan and I used to listen to this.  We loved this song."
I start singing along.  Jake has a huge smile on his face.  Then comes the line, "'Cause I'd rather spend eternity eating shards of broken glass, than spend one more minute with you." (1:19ish)  Jake gets a huge smile on his face.  He says, "That's why you and Uncle Dan liked this song.  That's how you must have felt about Uncle Dan because that's how I feel about Sophia."

Happy National Sibling Day!


  1. Nice. Glad to see Weird Al has found a new generation. Introduce Ernie to the parody of American Pie, as the another Star Wars song.


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