Friday, July 5, 2013

Now Available In Paperback...

 I spent an incredible 4th of July relaxing with family, but now back to work ...

Good Intentions is now available in paperback.

Let me say that again, and a little more loudly:

Good Intentions is now available in paperback!!!

As exciting and nerve-wracking as it was to publish an e-book, this is even more thrilling.  There is something totally surreal about holding your creation in your hands.  About seeing your name in print.  I took the cover photo while on vacation a few years ago, and seeing that out there is a bit surreal as well.

But it is hard to put yourself out there, just awaiting criticism.  I've received a lot of positive feedback from friends and family (and if you liked the book, please write a review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Goodreads), but I wonder how the book will be received by someone totally unrelated and unknown to me. I've been biting my fingernails a lot while checking sales and reviews.  I expect this behavior to get worse, as I have a few bloggers who have agreed to review the book for me (thank you!).

I used a company called Create Space to print my book.  They are owned by Amazon, and they are definitely geared towards the self-published/indie authors who are trying to make it on their own.  I have fifty copies ordered for myself so that I can send them out for reviews, as well as try to take them to local bookstores for consignment.

Because I'm doing this on my own, without the benefit of an agent or publicist, I beg you all to keep spreading the word.  Keep forwarding this.  Keep telling your friends.

Right now the paperback version of Good Intentions can be purchased in two locations:  Directly from the CreateSpace e-store or from Amazon.  Through expanded distribution, your local bookstore will be able to order Good Intentions for you, but this may take up to 6 weeks to get going.

To celebrate the paperback release, I'm launching a giveaway on Goodreads.  I've also dropped the price of the Nook version of the e-book to $1.99 for you bargain hunters out there.

Happy reading!

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