Why I'm Kind-of OK with Stormageddon

As we all know, the storm of all storms, Hurricane Sandy, is barreling down on us.  It's predicted to be completely and totally awful.  The meteorologists (who are in HEAVEN) are likening this to The Perfect Storm of 1991 (which also occurred on October 28).  This one is expected to be worse because it is expected to make landfall and impact Washington, Philadelphia, NYC and Boston.

People are starting to panic, and the kids are scared sh*tless.  Mostly, because they're afraid we won't get to trick-or-treat on Wednesday.

Here's why I'm kind-of diggin' it...it's making me be productive.  I procrastinate...a lot.  I waste a lot of time, as well.   As a result, my house is in constant state of dirt, clutter and controlled chaos. I simply cannot keep the house clean and take care of all my projects just because.  I need a specific motivating factor to get going.  I know, in the back of my mind, that Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and I really need to get a move on.

Yup, that's me.

But with Frankenstorm looming, I've got to get ready.  With the kids this morning, we were talking about rooms in the house that were most appropriate to ride out a storm in.  The first floor bathroom is one of our few rooms without windows, and would be the best choice.  Except for one problem...the litter box.  Jake said, "I'm not hiding in there.  It smells!"   I was planning on cleaning it today anyway, but this spurred me into action.  Along with the fact that my kids had virtually no clean clothes this morning.  Yikes.  Here's my list for the day:

  1. Unload and reload the dishwasher.
  2. Run the dishwasher (this is listed separately because certain male adult members of this household who shall remain nameless don't seem to get that once the dishes are in, you actually have to run it).
  3. Clean litter box.
  4. Clean downstairs bathroom, including mopping floor.
  5. Flea comb the cats (long story, but thanks to the vet for infesting them when they got fixed).
  6. Laundry:
    1. My clothes (2 loads)
    2. Kids' clothes (2 loads)
    3. Towels and rugs (2 loads)
  7. Confirm location of fondue pot on top shelf in back corner of pantry to cook food.
  8. Bag up recyclables in pantry so that fondue pot is reachable without killing oneself.
  9. Charge solar powered lantern.
  10. Locate and take out flashlights.
  11. Fold and put away said laundry.
  12. Charge electronics.
  13. Reconcile bank statement and prepare deposits for PTA
  14. Go to Sam's Club to pay bill (which is due today).
  15. Go to market to stock up on a few things.
Considering that it's not even 1 pm, and I've already completed items 1-9 (laundry is in progress), I think I'm in good shape.  I'm gonna try to get some vacuuming done as well, since I hate a crumby floor.  I have dinner to cook, and we're carving pumpkins tonight as well.

Ambitious list, but I'm trying.  It can be my jumpstart for Thanksgiving.  Assuming we all survive the storm, that is!


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