Randomness for a Friday Night

Even though it was a four day work week, this week seemed to take forever.  Just a lot of randomness tonight, and so I thought I'd share.

My dad bought me a gift today (pepper spray).  On the packaging, it says, "Making men cry since 1975."  I can relate.

My daughter's definition of cute:  Danny (a boy she likes), babies and kittens.

My son's take on Star Wars:  The Death Maul is actually a mall located in the Death Star.  Oh, and dressing up as Darth Vader is so two-years ago.

The mixed bag of emotions regarding making Halloween costumes has been replaced by a feeling of total awesomeness at making a costume without a pattern, and making creative use of fabric remnants given to me by a friend.  Excited about the outcome.

How many shows about Alaska are now on TV?  Even though they all pretty much seem the same, I'd take them over Housewives or Honey Boo Boo any day.

Why is one of the cats set to go off at 4 am and why can't I find his snooze button?

Bought a new novel this week, written by a high school boyfriend.  Kind of surreal.  Led to a dream that my own book was getting published.  Reality was cruel the next morning.

I could really use a massage and a facial.

I hope people stay warm tonight.  I am thinking of a preschool  friend going through a rough time, and hope she and her family are ok.


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