Reasons why I love summer vacation...

1.   Don't have to make lunches
2.   Alarm is not set
3.   Freckles
4.   Most mornings, there is no rush to get up and showered and out of the house
5.   Listening to my kids have time to play together
6.   Jake finally has time to open and play with gifts he received for his birthday in February
7.   Cold beer tastes better on a hot day
8.   Fresh cucumbers
9.   Flip-flop tan lines
10. Having the time to read Harry Potter with the kids
11.  Floating in a cool pool on a hot day
12.  Watching my daughter "puppy paddle"
13.  Watching my son swim underwater when a year ago, he wouldn't get his head wet
14.  How a sun-kissed face makes my kids' eyes even bluer
15.  Reading book after book
16.  All four of us sitting in the hammock, watching birds on the feeder and shapes in the clouds
17.  Doing homework is optional, and makes us feel good when we do it
18.  Watching our garden grow
19.  Being able to do what we want when we want
20.  After a crazy few months, all four of us are together again.


  1. Number 1 is my absolute favorite. I love not having to make lunch every day.


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