Things (in no particular order) that make me feel guilty:

  1. Eating onion rings (or fried food in general)
  2. Not wanting to go to church
  3. Wanting to read instead of cleaning
  4. Being at work when one of my kids has a school function
  5. Being home when there is more I could be doing for the kids at school
  6. Going shopping instead of taking care of the house
  7. Wanting to read instead of playing with the kids
  8. Knowing that I should be writing session notes or evals
  9. Wasting time on Facebook
  10. Not letting my kids have friends over because the house is a mess
  11. Not going to church
  12. Ordering take-out because I'm too tired to cook
  13. That it matters so much to me how I look
  14. Wanting to quit my job just because it's hard
  15. Reading really smutty novels
  16. Secretly wishing that good players on the opposite team would get hurt
  17. Throwing out cat food cans because they're hard to clean to recycle
  18. The fact that I love gossip
  19. Not using coupons because I haven't felt like cutting them
  20. Throwing out my kids' art work

That's it for now, but I'm sure there are many, many more things...


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