Laugh It Off

One of the fabulous authors I've come to know and love along my journey is Erin Huss. We met and became fast friends, instantly bonded with a sense of humor and shared parenting experiences with children who are not neuro-typical.

To put it mildly, 2018 has not been Erin's year. She's having some medical issues, and yesterday she wrote a blog post about finding The Silver Lining in it all. I'll wait for you to go read her blog post and then come back.

No, seriously. Go read her post. The rest of this post won't make sense unless you do.

So like the friend I am, I wrote her some nice words of encouragement. Despite the fact that people pay money to read my books, sometimes I'm not the most eloquent. I also use inappropriate humor as a defense mechanism. So I sent Erin a message that said this,
"Hang in there. Eventually shit will go right. You can meme that."

The following pictures are what happened next.

So let's take a minute to reflect on this profound statement.

 Meme courtesy of Erin Huss. Sentiment by Kathryn R. Biel.

Oh, this was us (plus our other friend, Heather McCoubrey) at the RONE Awards last October. My favorite picture from the night.


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