Thursday, October 8, 2015

That Moment You Realize You're Old

I had that moment today.

I was clicking through the radio channels today on my way home from work. Never mind that I'm cruising in my minivan. Never mind that I spend considerable energy talking about bunions and arthritis. Never mind that I look at kids in school today and shake my head at their fashion choices. I knew I was old when I was listening to the radio.

The song, Locked Away, came on. Both my kids (who were not with me at the time), really like the song. So I left it on, and was kind of singing along with Adam Levine.

Adam Levine has a catchy voice. So, I'm singing along, and then I realize what the lyrics are. It's one thing to support someone in good times and bad. You know, to promise to love someone even if they don't have money. I'm okay with that. That's a good message.

I TOTALLY have an issue with the fact that he's looking for a girl to stick by him if he gets sentenced to life in prison. Um, no.

Hell, no.

What message are we sending our daughters? It's okay to be committed to a low life who's spending the rest of his life in prison, who has no way to provide for her, and that's her life. I'd hope my daughter would aspire to more. I hope all our daughters (and sons for that matter) aspire to more. Can't we send our kids a better message?

And then, as I'm getting all agitated, I realized, I'm just getting old.

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