Pin It to Win It

For a very long time, I avoided Pinterest. Oh, sure, I was invited and even opened an account. But I never went on the site. The reason is two-fold: self-esteem and time management.

The self-esteem thing is this: all these people posting pictures of the wonderful things they've made. The beautiful cakes, the intricately decorated cake pops, the pumpkins made out of old books. All that stuff looks great. Except my stuff comes out looking more like something from a Pinterest Fail page than anything Pinterest-worthy.

Finally, I realized this:

So, then I avoided Pinterest because of time management issues. Namely, once I type in, suddenly four hours have elapsed and I have nothing to show for it. I don't have that kind of time to waste. I need to keep up on Candy Crush.

So, for me, Pinterest was not a productive thing. But then, my good friend, the super talented Jayne Denker, sent me her super secret Pinterest board. I was beta reading for her novel, Picture This, and she had a Pinterest board all set up for the characters and setting and everything. It was the best idea ever.

When I write, I would find myself cruising the internet for ideas of settings, clothing and hairstyles. I would bookmark all these websites and refer back to them over and over. OMG, that's what Pinterest can do. I made Pinterest productive. I would put all my bookmarked sites there. I could cruise around and find what my characters looked like. So I did that when I was working on I'm Still Here. Back then, the working title was Incommunicado, but that got changed as soon as the novel was finished (and people were like, what does that mean?).

Two months have gone by since I'm Still Here was released, so now I think it's time to share that Pinterest board with you all. Do you want to know how I picture Esther or O.K.? Find them on the board. Is that how you saw them? Let me know what you think.

Here's the link to Pinterest:

I promise, this board won't make you feel badly about your ability to re-create the perfect arts and craft project.


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