7 Quick Takes for Monday

Ok, so I'm ripping a page out of my dear friend's book and doing this blog entry as a Quick Take's blog. Check out Our Little Nuthouse to see how this should be done.

1.  Started the day with a computer that wouldn't turn on. Ominous black screen, but at least no tell tale beeping that signaled death. I learned about that last August when my last laptop died. But do the math here...this laptop is only 8 months old. Too young to die. I took the battery out, put it back in and all seems well. Will be backing up, regardless.

2.  Getting a call at the end of a very difficult meeting that your son has a tick embedded in his leg is no way to end the work day. Finding out that the doctor has left for the day, the urgent care I like doesn't open until 5 pm and that the next urgent care will keep us waiting over 90 minutes did not help. However, the very kind woman also waiting a ridiculous amount of time (also with a tick bite) who went out to her car and brought in her cache of kids' books to entertain Sophia did make all the difference.

3.  My blog tour kicked off today! I received my first review (4.5 stars!) on Tabby's Tantalizing Reviews. Look for more tour stops with original blog posts and interviews coming up over the next two weeks.

4.  When the doctor asked if my ten-year-old could swallow pills, I bit back my urge to comment sarcastically, "As long as they're not horse pills." Perhaps I should have. The antibiotics that he is on, three times a day for the next ten days are, you guessed it, horse pills. Poor kid.

5.  My daughter had her last dance lesson the year tonight. She got a ribbon for four years of dance. How can that be? A mental inventory of her costumes (because that is how I remember things) confirmed that this is, in fact, her fourth dance recital.

6.  We have a free trial of HBO right now. This is not a good thing. I've been staying up way too late watching movies that I don't even care about. In a related note, very little reading and/or writing is getting done.

7.  Watching Dancing With The Stars tonight, they revealed that Meryl Davis has dyslexia. My son asked what that was, and I explained it to him. He asked if that is what he has. I told him that he has ADD, Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder and a Processing Delay. He seemed unphased and went to bed. I went in and told him that despite this laundry list of diagnoses, none of these were WHO he was, simply they described some aspects of his personality or the way he learns. He asked WHO he was. I told him, "You are smart. You are funny. You appreciate a good sense of humor. You are honest, and you are the best son anyone could ask for." He smiled and said, "But it's ok. You know who has Dyslexia too? Percy Jackson. And he has ADHD." And he is totally fine with it all.


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