Valentine's Day Giveaway

This post is either super awesome or super lame, depending on your prospective. I was asked to participate in a Valentine's Day Book Giveaway by a fellow author, Hilary Grossman (Aside--I just finished reading her book, Dangled Carat, and enjoyed it very much). Hilary has done a lot of leg work to set up this awesome giveaway. Twenty-two authors (including yours truly) have donated books, both e-books and paperback, to be given away on Valentine's Day. The raffle is now open, and all you have to do is head over to Hilary's website to read all the summaries and what the prizes are.

So pop on over and and check it out. There are some good books on the list. Some I've already read and reviewed  on Goodreads, and there are some more that I want to read.

Happy reading!

(And for those of you that this post does not interest, I'm sorry. Hang in there with me, and I will try to have something else later this week.


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