Long Time No Blog...

The weeks have just gotten away from me and I realized that I owe all 4 of my loyal readers an update.  Since the holidays, things have settled in somewhat around here.  De-Christmasizing the house is always not fun.  I had annual reviews start at work, which is always a boat load of fun.  For those of you not in the special ed field, annual reviews are that magic and joy filled time of year where each child is assessed (either a quick overview, or every third year, a formal and extensive evaluation), their program is reviewed and re-written for the next year.  A meeting is held on each child and all of this is discussed.  It's a lot of extra work, in addition to the normal workload.  Because I am spread all over the whole district, I am responsible for about 50 of these, beginning now and ending some time in May.  Sometimes, we're fortunate and the parents even come in.  Not as often as you'd expect, considering the kids receive special ed services.

I just got back from my bi-annual crafter's retreat weekend.  It is a wonderful three days when I never once have to say "leave the cat ALONE!" and almost never have to wipe anyone else's nose.  There are occasional tears, but usually they're from laughing.  Or drinking.  Or laughing due to drinking, mixed with over-tired-ness.  Not for the easily offended, but sometimes, we waste time and watch things like this video.  (Warning, does contain explicit language.  Do not open if you will be offended).  Or, for the faint of heart, try this one.I spend three days scrapbooking, which to me, is a gift to my family.  It is nice to get away and do something for me, with someone else cooking, and little responsibility.  The drawback is that I still have to coordinate things from afar.  It is inordinately frustrating when people do not do what they are supposed to do (like pick your child up from the baby sitter's or make sure they wear their cub scout uniform to the pinewood derby).

Speaking of which, Jake took second place in the derby.  I was getting pretty much moment-by-moment updates, as there were three of us on the weekend who were missing the derby.   All of our husbands scored brownie points with the texts and calls during the event.

(Note, I'd like to put in a picture of Jake with his trophy, but blogger is being a dick and won't let me).

We've been pretty busy with school work, really focusing on reading with Sophia.  She's coming along slowly but surely.  Jake is having some attention issues, but that's a whole other post.

To sum up, we've been busy, but it's all pretty normal and mundane.


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