I'm Grateful

I'm grateful for this beautiful fall day,
and for my children who laugh and play.

I'm grateful for this house that I designed,
this roof, this building, the things I call mine.

I'm grateful for my dad who cooks me dinner,
but need to stop worrying about being thinner.

I'm grateful for all the skills Mom taught me,
they help me to be all I that I can be.

I'm grateful for my friends who make me laugh and smile,
and are always there for me, going that extra mile.

I'm grateful for every laugh, every giggle,
even the ones that make my belly jiggle.

I'm grateful that I get to be someone's wife,
as it has given purpose to my life.

I'm grateful for my husband, who is my best friend,
and will share each day with me until THE END.


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