While you were gone...

Dear Jake,

I am anxiously awaiting your return from your first sleep-away camp.  You have been at Camp Boyhaven for three days and two nights.  You're with Dad, so I know that, theoretically, you're in good hands.  I'm gonna make a confession to you...in my mind, no one will ever care for you as well as I do, so it makes me worry when you're with someone else.  Luckily, Dad finally started checking in a little, even though he needed a message passed from me to Mrs. Vagianelis to Mr. Vagianelis to Dad to know that I wanted to hear from you guys.

The house has not been the same without you in it.  The first night you were gone, Sophia got up during the night to go the bathroom.  I heard the door first, and that is what woke me up.  My immediate thought was that it was you getting up.  When I realized that it had to be Sophia because you weren't here, it made me sad.  The cats have been playing in your room.  I had to prop the door open because Butch kept accidentally shutting the door and trapping himself in there.

Time for another confession...I really liked spending the one on one time with Sophia.  Part of me feels badly that she has never had the one on one time that you had your first three years.  On the other hand, it's been almost five years since we had a lot of one on one time with you as well.  In a few years, Sophia will undoubtedly go away to camp.  I hope that you're not too old and too cool to want to spend some quality one on one time with me.

Sophia and I did a lot of fun and girly things that you probably would not have enjoyed.  We did not go to the fireworks.  I know how much it upset you that you were going to miss it.  I think we'll see fireworks when we are in Disney next month.  Hopefully, next year we can see the Waterford ones again.

I can't wait for you to get home so I can hear about all the fun stuff you did.  What was your favorite:  archery, BB guns, map making, fishing?  Were you scared sleeping outside?  How was swimming in the lake?  I know that you're going to be very dirty and very smelly and very tired.  I hope you're not so grumpy that you won't want to snuggle (once you are thoroughly scrubbed and cleaned, of course!).  I know Sophia has missed you as well.  Maybe we can get some Harry Potter in tonight, although I'm sure you'll want to watch some TV as well.

I've been going through old pictures this weekend, getting ready for my semi-annual scrapbooking weekend
in August.  I came across some from your first day of summer pre-K, three summers ago.  I can't believe how much you've grown up since then.  
07/07/09.  Exactly 3 years ago yesterday, when I looked at it and noticed how much you've grown.

I wonder if you'll look older when you get home today.  I bet so.

Jake, eating lunch on Day 1, 07/06/12.  Courtesy of the Vagianelises.



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